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Primate Pet Monkeys
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Capuchin Monkeys
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Capuchin Monkey

About Us

Welcome to our website. As you can see it’s still under construction. Well, we are a small group of exotic pet breeders who focus more on exotic primate pets. Our business have been operating onsite for years now, and we just got online recently. At the moment, we’ve been able to upload just our monkeys. Since the online business is new to us and we are yet to get familiar with the change. Please let us know if you have any suggestion or question concerning our business or website via our contact.

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Super Fast Shipping

2 - 3 Days priority shipping service animal care

Money Back Guarantee

We promise to always meet your expectations but incase otherwise or you change you will get all your money back. We can always do business another time

In-Home Assistance

Not comfortable staying alone with your new pet? We always have professionals to guide you throughout the first 2 weeks after purchase (This is usually done as an online support or home visits).

Christmas Promotion

Take advantage of the on going promotion this season and get yourself or love one an exotic pet from us.


At Primate Pet Monkeys, We breed and rehome exotic animals such as Fennec foxes, Otters, Kinkajous, Stripped Ball Pythons, Lavender Pythons, Marmoset Monkeys, Serval Kittens, Flying Squirrels, Ocelot Kittens, Savannah Kittens, Spider Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys, Coatimundis, Squirrel monkeys, Raccoons, and a few more which are not mentioned on our website. So you have a wide variety to make a choice.

Client Testimonials

I was very pleased with the monkey I got here. She has been adapting to its new home so effortlessly and in a very good condition too. Will definitely buy from here again.

Tracy L

Always a pleasure dealing with Primate Pet Monkeys. It is always a dream to talk to their customer service over the phone or email and will always get things sorted for you no matter the issue

Mary K

First time I’ve used Primate Pet Monkeys & very pleased with the service & quick delivery! Definitely using them from now on! Million times better than Pets at Home!!

Heather S

Used Primate Pet Monkeys many times online and never had any issues. Recently visited the store for the first time and purchased a pet. All animals looked well housed and the shop stocked everything you could possibly need! Would highly recommend.

Henry P
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