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About Company

Primate Pet Monkeys is a small business located in California, owned and managed by a small group of animal rescuers. We are a humane company and believe that all animals deserve a good home. That’s why we do not only sell our offspring but we also inform buyers on care, housing, and most importantly, problem situations. Because Exotic Monkeys are such delicate animals. Due to the fact that mistakes are bound to occur, we do offer after care services.

In accordance with animal rights and business standards, we will only sell our monkeys to people that meet states and national standards. Under no circumstances shall we consider selling our babies to any impulse purchase. It’s in these situations that animals are sometimes treated inhumanly, neglected, or badly fed.

Client Testimonials

I was very pleased with the monkey I got here. She has been adapting to its new home so effortlessly and in a very good condition too. Will definitely buy from here again.

Tracy L

Always a pleasure dealing with Primate Pet Monkeys. It is always a dream to talk to their customer service over the phone or email and will always get things sorted for you no matter the issue

Mary K

First time I’ve used Primate Pet Monkeys & very pleased with the service & quick delivery! Definitely using them from now on! Million times better than Pets at Home!!

Heather S

Used Primate Pet Monkeys many times online and never had any issues. Recently visited the store for the first time and purchased a pet. All animals looked well housed and the shop stocked everything you could possibly need! Would highly recommend.

Henry P